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About The GS Legal Consultancy

Who We Aree

GS Legal Consultancy

GS Legal Consultancy are fight any violence with of best experience.

The GS Legal Consultancy  farm of teams formerly associated with other reputed Indian law firms. The GS Legal Consultancy  have been advising domestic as well as international clients in various complex legal matters and the association with such clients has been nurtured over time.

If you are accused of committing a crime, you will need the very best criminal defense atorneys in Law .We especially various skilled.

Our Practice Areas

Cyber Crime Cases

E-commerce Legal Compliance

Data Privacy and Compliance

Blockchain Legal Compliance

Information Technology Law Audits

IPR In Cyberspace

Internet Of Things (IoT) Laws

Smart City Legal Compliance

Legal Complaince in FinTech

Artificial Intelligence Laws

Social Media Crimes

Digital Legacy Management

Trademark Reg. Law

Patents Reg. Law

Design Reg


Meet Our Team Work

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Senior Attorney

Adv. Premsager Gavali

Senior Attorney

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Senior Attorney


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