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Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and Cyber Laws can’t be disconnected and digital content wants protection. that is where we tend to step in to help You to secure your digital content through correct IPR registration.

‘Cyberspace’ is that the non-physical domain over that the communication between computers takes place through computer networks. With the expansion of technology every individual incorporates a right of accessing Internet and sharing information, unless they are in conflict with cyber law.

In cyberspace, generally information is shared by who, person is not the owner of the information, or the knowledge that is personal. Hence, privacy is profaned, and one makes profit on another person’s creation. Such rights are protected below intellectual property rights. the types of IPR are:

Patent, Copyright, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Industrial and Layout designs, Geographical Indications etc. once these rights are desecrated in cyberspace there are several remedies available for the assorted types of violation.

Copyright Infringement:

Copyright protection is given to the owner of any published creative, literary, dramatic or scientific work over his work to exclude everybody else from exploitation that work on his own name and thereby gain benefit from it. when these copyrighted articles are unauthorized used by anybody without the permission of the owner, this amounts to infringement of copyright. when copies are made from commercial software that are distributed over the internet, and sold-out by a third person (other than owner), that amounts to be a infringement of copyright. copyright infringement website or website content conjointly amounts to a copyright violation.

Software Piracy:

It is convert under sections of Indian Copyright Act. this can be the illegal use of software package by copying and distributing them among organizations, teams etc for business personal use. This piracy may be of three types: Soft lifting, software system Counterfeiting, and Uploading-Downloading.

Cyber squatting and Trademark Infringement:

Trademarks are distinctive marks can be words, pictures, sound or shape that describes the character and quality a few sure product to the user. The lions roar of ‘Metro-Godwyn-Mayer’ or the word art of ‘Google’ are the trademarks for these several companies, when these marks, whether or not registered or unregistered, are used are used by another company on their product, that's referred to as trademark infringement. Cyber squatting is that the method by that domain names are registered, sold,trafficked-in with the intention to make benefit from the goodwill of someone else’s trademark in bad faith. Cyber squatting could be a punishable offence.

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